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Have you ever seen I Survived: Beyond and Back on the Bio Channel? I love it! Mainly because it makes senses of what I remember. Like when I had my stroke I remember being with warm jacuzzi water surroundings me, I remember looking down at my body and most of what I remember I was supposedly asleep. So many of my dreams had to do with what Was actually happening. When I told my friend what she was wearing when she came to see me when I was in my coma thing. She was shocked.


You know what is really annoying. When people talk for me or take advantage of me not talking. When its a joke that is fine. But when its serious it isn't funny.

Marriage and kids

This post Took some conference to say. You know what really gets on my nerves. When people talk about marriage and kids and conveniently leave me out. I mean granted I kind of don't want to get married. But kids are defnite. A definite definite.


The DynaVox is what I ue to communicate and computer. It can be an amazing thing, when it works right. Mine is 5 years old, which is old in computer years, and it is always messing up. The new one is awesome! It does so much more than mine now. I am surprised to get the new one in a few months. I can't wait!

Things I can't stand

Pessimists, liars, people who think it's cute to act dumb, people who pat eat me on the head like a dog,  When people don't treat me like an adult, when people automatically do something for me and don't let me try, and...

12/7 /10

 I started the blog today because I am bored and I want to get my feelings out. My nurse Jen got me started, but I finihed ( kind of ). It isn't exactly how I want it but I will learn. Lol.

While I was sleeping...

When I had my stroke I had a coma like thing. I nver got 'to articulate what happened while I was sleeping. It was only 4 days, but it seemed much longer to me. I dreamed several dreams. One oddly enough included Jennifer Lopez. Lol. We were walking along a river. Another included 2 friends and we stuck by rain in this weird run down city. All of which included water. I don't know what that means. But this part I never told anybody because I don't think it really happened and I am Don't want to ask. But I dreamed I died. Now you see why I don't want to know. Lol. I dreamed it got really dark and I got really comfortable. But I remember thinking " This isnt what everybody talks about." and I wasn't upset or anything. I don't think it really happened and I don't want to know.