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Have you ever seen I Survived: Beyond and Back on the Bio Channel? I love it! Mainly because it makes senses of what I remember. Like when I had my stroke I remember being with warm jacuzzi water surroundings me, I remember looking down at my body and most of what I remember I was supposedly asleep. So many of my dreams had to do with what Was actually happening. When I told my friend what she was wearing when she came to see me when I was in my coma thing. She was shocked.


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This happened in the ER during the stroke  The main doctor kept doing sternum rubs on me, and I kept getting so annoyed. For those of you who don't know, sternum rubs are when they rub the bone in your chest with the palm of their hand. They do them to wake you up. Part of me knew what he was doing, and the other part of me didn't and thought he was trying to cop a feel. He kept doing the sternum rubs, and I kept smacking his hand and scoffing and saying to myself, “Dude! Enough, quit it!” Thinking back, he was probably as annoyed as I was for the misunderstanding.