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Step off missy

Whenever somebody claims to be too traumatized or too sad to see me I want to yell boo f n hoo. Do you seriously think I want do to take time out of my day To put up with your traumatized ass. Let me think umm no.


It is annoying when people say " o I couldn't handle this or that ". Well you don't know what you can handle til the shit hits the fan. When I had the stroke I didn't think I could hI could sit in if the corner and andle it but I handle it everyday. I could sit in if the corner and cry or laugh and smile everyday. I think I can handle laughing and smiling everyday.

Just do it

This is probably wrong to think. But when an able bodied person complains about wanting to lose weight. I think " Get your ass up and go outside ". I wish I could go jog right now or do squats. But I do what I can do.


It is supposed to snow tomorrow. I love it and hate it. It is pretty but it reminds me that I am in a wheelchair. I mean I know I am in a wheelchair but snow just clinches what I can't do / get invited to do.


I love it when people think I am hard of hearing or stupid. It cracks me up the ignorance of some people.So you know what I do make a funn face and laugh behind their back.