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Happy almost New year's

Are you doing anything for New year's?I'm not really. Well yes if you count being with great family and friends! I think this year is going to be a new me.I'm the strongest physically I've been in years and I smell something big!

quad girl standing tall

quad girl open sesame

quad girl still standing tall

quad girl cooking

quad girl working on my six pack

quad girl feeding myself


I was watching my favorite preacher a few minutes ago and he was talking about seeing and dreaming our future. So that is why I dreamed of learning towalk the other night.

Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy

LeAnn Rimes- What I Cannot Change

Sven and Michel Epic Tablecloth Magic Trick Fail!

Think Before You Play A Prank

holycrap moment

Today when I was doing the stand aid the pad that holds my butt fell for a minute and I stood there by myself for a minute! My arms weren't even doing it, all lower body! Thank-you stand up lift!


They constantly get onto me for not liking to drive my chair but, this might sound snobbish, I don't want to become placate with driving a chair. My ultimate goal is to walk and not be this my whole life!

Happy Turkey Day!

Chaddy wisdom teeth car ride

Chaddy wisdom teeth at home

P!nk - Try (Official Lyric Video)


If you get a chance go see the movie Flight .It is really good !!About half way through I seriously wanted to leave because I was so mad at the character . But it is really good .

LLS | Lady Antebellum 2012 PSA - 30 Seconds

quad girl standing tall

sleeping with prince Valuum

Ij finally have internet. Well Sandy was fun,not. We lost power here at MCC Monday night to Tuesday morning. I had very little sleep that night. I survived Sandy but I don't know if I can my MRI! I am so stressed about my MRI Friday morning, I am extremely claustrophobic and they have to give me Valuum before. Isnt that sad. Lol

AAAAAAH Chainsaws

A great haunted hayride with my Lindy,Sara,Aunt Chris and my Mom. It was the best haunted hayride I've been to in awhile because I was in the hay like everybody else and they didn't see my wheelchair,so they actually scared me.It was really good!


I love and am ecstatic about progressing physically but part of me is...kind of scared to. I've been in this non functioning correct body for 8 years and now I'm progressing physically kind of fast and it's almost foreign to me.

hold it

Refrain from laughter for 2 minutes while reading this story! Because it is hilarious! So they warn you when you do vision therapy sometimes it can cause dizziness. So today when I left vision therapy I literally fell out sideways of my chair from dizziness!


Donate to The Leukemia and Lyphoma Society for my friend Alex Schonhoff that sadly passed away from leukemia in 04. We were in high-school together and the hospital.He had the best smile!


I can't believe I'm almost 30. It isn't my birthday and I'm only 27,but it's really bothering me today. I think it bothers me so bad because it's like my life was put on hold at 19 and all my plans had to change drastically.I'm finding that all my plans fall to crap and I guess I should quit making plans. Lol!

quad girl pumping iron


Add caption me and my sis Janessa (friend)

flying high

My arms are sore. I had 2 vaccinations last night (hepatitis and something else). I have no idea why but they were teasing me I lost so much weight I don't have meat on my arms lol! Michelle Obama watch out!


Me,Nataja and Melissa (some friends) went to see The Possession today! Best scary movie I've seen in years! Jews don't see this movie! lol. I laugh when I get scared and luckily they do too. So we would all jump and crack up! And guess what movie trailer is out. Paranormal Activity 4!


 Friday my Mom and I drove to the beach for the day. Rehoboth beach is only a hour and a half away from here and the weather was nice. With winter coming we took advantage of the sun. We grabbed dinner from this off the rocker looking restaurant. Turns out it was about 30 years old and really good. They had this crab and cheese on a soft pretzel with honey mustard dipping sauce! OMG! Thank god I'm sitting because I would have fallen over lol.


I'm super excited because I'm getting to look into colleges! I think probably food science is a great major for me. I googled food science to look more into it I quickly realized Clark Griswold (from National Lampoons Vacations) had that job. So I'm in hilarious company!

80 and fabulous


Omg ! The activitys department here is planning a trip to Graceland (in Memphis) so thinking they wouldn't approve it I asked if we could go to Dollywood too. And they said yes! So next year about March I'm going to Dollywood and Graceland!

Me and my Mom at her birthday get together

Me and my nephew Johnathan! Ok really my friend's son but I'm fighting back the tears because it's the first time holding a baby with my arm since my stroke

Jennifer Nettles Ronnie Dunn - Let Him Fly - ACM Girls Night Out


Yesterday my Mom and I baked more cookies. Cooking anything is my favorite thing in the world! I want everybody to be full and  happy. It's just in my genes,my need to feed.

me and my brother Blake

Me,Mom,Blake and his girlfriend went to the zoo


Sometimes it's really hard to be around people that knew me before my stroke. Don't get me wrong I love being around everybody. But,its probably my own insecurity, I feel like they are judging me. Like my accomplishments aren't enough and for the past 8 years I've been something they have to deal with or just ignore. But it's probably me over thinking (which is common).

I think I can I think I can


Did 50 wall squats in the pool the other day and did the pull down bar with 2 sets of 10 at 15 pounds earlier! Getting there! .

if you like crude humor this is hilarious

let's get technical

I guess I should explain my stroke more. I started smoking cigarettes at 15 and started taking birth control at 16. At the time,smoking was not a huge no no while taking birth control so I stupidity continued. So smoking combined with birth control combined with me having a rare blood clotting disorder caused me to form a clot somewhere in my body and go to my heart. If it would have stayed there I would have died,but I have a patent frament ovali (hole in my heart) and that caused the clot to go to my brain stem and cause a stroke. So the hole in my heart was an unknown stroke of luck


Of course I used to water ski,what else can I do with this big ass and thighs. Lol. My dad is an excellent skier,so I rode on the front of his skis while he skied from about age 5. And by myself around 12. I quit a few years before my stroke,just to when I could kick off to one ski.

I don't have a SCI but I really want to go here

This show is awesome!

quad girl surfing

Life Rolls On

sun goddess

Went to Bahama Breeze! Yum!


I am going to this They Will Surf Again event later this month and,I have no intentions of backing out but. What about sharks? I guess I have seen Shark week too much.

Phillie Fanatic


go see this,so funny

starry night

hilarious picture of me and my brother Blake

me and my brother joking around

some life long friends


Today was an excellent day! Layed flat without rails for a long period of time,fed myself lunch including water and rode my horse way better than usual! Laying flat probably sounds like nothing,but to me it's huge. See I can't totally control my body for a long period of time and I layed flat without rails(which I'm horrified of) for an hour! Controlling anxiety and body for an hour! Check.

I love this show


walking in the pool

snow tubing! so fun and worth soreness after!


God must have really been listening because a few hours after writing the cha ching post I heard the Biggest Loser like competition here is over $400!