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I think I can I think I can


Did 50 wall squats in the pool the other day and did the pull down bar with 2 sets of 10 at 15 pounds earlier! Getting there! .

if you like crude humor this is hilarious

let's get technical

I guess I should explain my stroke more. I started smoking cigarettes at 15 and started taking birth control at 16. At the time,smoking was not a huge no no while taking birth control so I stupidity continued. So smoking combined with birth control combined with me having a rare blood clotting disorder caused me to form a clot somewhere in my body and go to my heart. If it would have stayed there I would have died,but I have a patent frament ovali (hole in my heart) and that caused the clot to go to my brain stem and cause a stroke. So the hole in my heart was an unknown stroke of luck


Of course I used to water ski,what else can I do with this big ass and thighs. Lol. My dad is an excellent skier,so I rode on the front of his skis while he skied from about age 5. And by myself around 12. I quit a few years before my stroke,just to when I could kick off to one ski.

I don't have a SCI but I really want to go here

This show is awesome!