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Add caption me and my sis Janessa (friend)

flying high

My arms are sore. I had 2 vaccinations last night (hepatitis and something else). I have no idea why but they were teasing me I lost so much weight I don't have meat on my arms lol! Michelle Obama watch out!


Me,Nataja and Melissa (some friends) went to see The Possession today! Best scary movie I've seen in years! Jews don't see this movie! lol. I laugh when I get scared and luckily they do too. So we would all jump and crack up! And guess what movie trailer is out. Paranormal Activity 4!


 Friday my Mom and I drove to the beach for the day. Rehoboth beach is only a hour and a half away from here and the weather was nice. With winter coming we took advantage of the sun. We grabbed dinner from this off the rocker looking restaurant. Turns out it was about 30 years old and really good. They had this crab and cheese on a soft pretzel with honey mustard dipping sauce! OMG! Thank god I'm sitting because I would have fallen over lol.


I'm super excited because I'm getting to look into colleges! I think probably food science is a great major for me. I googled food science to look more into it I quickly realized Clark Griswold (from National Lampoons Vacations) had that job. So I'm in hilarious company!

80 and fabulous