part of the book

They should really give you a pamphlet when you leave the hospital in a wheelchair
> 1 you need to put your body on a schedule. Bathroom, eating, etc
> 2 you need to schedule your outings around your body's schedule
> 3 you can no longer eat what you want when you want
> 4 your body isn't your body anymore. Everybody see's you naked and grab your ass to transfer you. Get over it!
> 5 go out in public even though you don't want to
> 6 you get and deserve fabulous parking. Even though you see who use it and DON'T need it really
> 7 you need to learn to trust people with your body. You don't have to trust people with everything but trust they will not let you get hurt or die
8 things are no longer on your time
9 always remember the sayings "Don't bite the hand that feeds you " and "Don't judge a book by its cover "
10 suck up as much pain as possible
11you just plain gotta deal with stupid shit all the time
12 these are the numbers you need to call...