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2 My Mom and I found and had converted to DVD some of my old home videos from right before my stroke. I like watching those videos because they're funny and physically ( walking and talking ) I want to be that girl again but mentally never again. Drinking beer and smoking pot pretty much every night to forget about my day? That is actually really sad. Days were filled with stress and anxiety and my night just drowned it all away.That is why I'm so grateful for my stroke .


Somebody actually commented on my pretty eyes tonight,and it actually felt like a real compliment and not just somebody blowing smoke up my ass. I actually like my eyes now too!


9 I'm so excited! My friend that I've known since middle school is taking me on a trip to Washington DC in July! I haven't been on a trip in years. It's going to be so fun!


So I've been told that I don't talk about my "feelings" enough on here. I don't know maybe I just enjoy internalizing everything and blowing out spurts of anger lol