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Do you ever feel like you are screaming and nobody hears you? I'm standing on a chair, waiving my arms and screaming " Hey! Over here! Listen to this! Help me with this! "


Had an interview last night with some students doing a report on me and my stroke, done 2 of my speeches and more planned and starting college in January to do Psychology! I like understanding people and it will probably help with my speeches. Everything is linking together, this is really cool!


Several months ago I took a personality test for college,to see my strengths. I got the results today,it read me like a book.It felt good someone praising my empathy and understanding!It said I should write a book lol

try again

Several people have asked me " How do you stay so strong? " My quick response would be my Faith, but my long and tangible answer would be how my parents raised us. You try something no matter what, because you might like it after. I remember vividly as a child crying hysterically standing in line with my parents for a roller coaster I thought was going to scary and it turned out to be great! I know every parent reading this is probably flabbergasted they made us cry trying something but it made me and my brother so independent and willing to try anything! Im almost 30 and I still live like that. Public speaking and sitting on the edge of the physical therapy mat and surfing and some other things scare the bejesus out of me but the feeling of accomplishment after makes it all worth it! Yeah I would definitely say my children and probably my brother's children will be raised like that. Try it no matter what because you might like it


I have finally reached the point of my book to find a publisher.So me, my friend and family came up with the great idea to do raffle baskets to raise money. I decided that the easiest way for me to fund raise money would be to go around the building I live and sell tickets and use their bus to go out into the community to get donations for my basket . But (of course ) the place I live won't let me sell anymore and cancelled my donations trip."Duh Jessica nothing in your life now can be that easy .I mean seriously ,how many beepn obstacles can you give me ?"Their decision did deter me but the word CAN'T just revs up my engine to blow past you . So get ready for this chick to sell tons of tickets without you and still publish this book