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I like sharing this

Life list 1 walk, independently 2 talk clearly again 3 have or adopt children 4 get married 5 sell 1000s of books 6 produce a movie about my life 7 go to London 8 go to Disney world again  9 be less of a control freak 10 develop an actual Law stating doctor's have to test your blood to see if you clot easy before starting birth control

past and present

When I saw my mom on Friday I got so emotional I was crying so much  because it was kind of like I was 15 again and reminded me of R ( my dad's dad). He was the last person i saw in ICU with tubes and stuff   But he did come in my dream that night and we hugged for like 10 minutes .It was so cool because I could actually wrap my arms around him and really feel him


Well our prayers were answered and her surgery went great! Two of my friends took me .And we got there about 3.We met my aunt but then my brother ,our grandmother and his friend came .She got done right before we left but She told us to leave because her head hurt and traffic was going to be a bitch hahahahaha