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Check out my pretty new chair! It even smells new .I think I'll name her Emmie since she's emerald-green .I told someone a long time ago I would donate my chair when I was done with it and I got t do that today!


It's so frustrating when PT let's me do things by myself and I fold.Like when we stand or something they slowly take their hands off me to see if I can do it by myself and I feel it or see it and get scared and buckle .Mentally I know I'm capable of the independence but I have been relying on other people so long it's scary to me .And what's worse is that nobody understands my fear .

quad girl popn it

quad girl in deep concentration

quad girl breaking records

quad girl breaking records


Watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and these shows always suck me in and makes me think .I like my new normal .As much as I don't like to admit this the old me doesn't exist anymore and this new me is awesome!

I'm joining The Rockettes

just kidding! They are stretching me to stand in PT

my favorite event of the winter,snow tubing!