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Anybody interested in helpn me spread the knowledge and education of birth control? Paste this on your and some friends walls, Please!
Hi. How are you? My name is Jessica Davenport. I feel that young girls either are misinformed or overlook the dangers of blood clots, strokes and death. I know when I started birth control at 16 I had no clue about the dangers. And had a huge curveball thrown at me at 19 when I had a massive brain stem stroke from birth control. Who knew something so little could cause something like this? I am 31 and my life is completely different from 19. As much as I hate what happened to me and my new normal every day, I wouldn't change it! I mean seriously who would give up their fabulous handicap parking? Lol. I still completely agree with the use of birth control but you need to know the dangers before starting the medication. Over 3000 women in the United States have died from strokes or embolisms due to birth control and it's my mission to stop it! And just recently I read about a 17 year old girl that died from this. 17! That could have been your friend! Please help me spread the knowledge of the dangers of birth control. If my story makes one person stop and think that's enough for me. So now it's my life's calling to inform all people especially girls about the dangers of birth control and tell them about their numerous options. I already have a Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Youtube channel. But those don't get to nearly enough people. You all helping me would reach so many people and be greatly appreciated! If you're a teacher or run an organization around Wilmington, De and want me to come speak about the possible dangers of birth control email me! (or if you're farther we can Skype). Please help me fulfill my life’s passion. Thanks, Jessica


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This happened in the ER during the stroke  The main doctor kept doing sternum rubs on me, and I kept getting so annoyed. For those of you who don't know, sternum rubs are when they rub the bone in your chest with the palm of their hand. They do them to wake you up. Part of me knew what he was doing, and the other part of me didn't and thought he was trying to cop a feel. He kept doing the sternum rubs, and I kept smacking his hand and scoffing and saying to myself, “Dude! Enough, quit it!” Thinking back, he was probably as annoyed as I was for the misunderstanding.