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I'm really ascared

I have not told you guys but for like the past year (really probably since my tumble) I have had on and off back pain. Sitting is ok, but laying flat is tolerable to excruciating! Sometimes I jump  because the intense pain startles me.It turns out I have some spurs, compression, a bulged disc and some other things.

Friday I have to get an epidural steroid injection.The videos don't look appalling and actually they look pretty painful! I am hoping my high pain tolerance will kick in and the shots won't be very bad. Let's hope.

Getting on the table is almost as scary as the shots.  They have to use the lift to get me onto a  stretcher then roll me onto my stomach onto the table and then lay there about 20 minutes while they do the shots. They say you can't move during it. What if I accidentally jerk or need something during the procedure?


  1. Do me a favor and breatheeee. I can't imagine how scary it must feel, but I do know that you freaking out isn't going to make it any better. Will mom be there with you? You'll be fine Davenport, you're like invincible or something.


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