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Went shopping today with my mom, I feel so proud of myself i bought everything with my new credit card! And don't worry I have enough to pay it back next month I almost cried with pride

please let me help

Hi. How are you? My name is Jessica Davenport. I feel that young girls either are misinformed or overlook the dangers of blood clots, strokes and death. I know when I started birth control at 16 I had no clue about the dangers. And had a huge curveball thrown at me at 19 when I had a massive brain stem stroke from birth control. Who knew something so little could cause something like this? I am 31 and my life is completely different from 19. As much as I hate what happened to me and my new normal every day, I wouldn't change it! I mean seriously who would give up their fabulous handicap parking? Lol. I still completely agree with the use of birth control but you need to know the dangers before starting the medication. Over 3000 women in the United States have died from strokes or embolisms due to birth control and it's my mission to stop it! And just recently I read about a 17 year old girl that died from this. 17! That could have been your friend! Please help me

beach trip

Back from my trip. Burnt and exhausted! But it was fun! My friend Autumn came the first 3 days and brought her son the second night. One of the funniest stories happened the first eat drink night. We got to talking about dogs. And we were telling Autumn about this horrible dog named Sam we used to have a few months. So Autumn asks " so what happened to him? " and my mom says " well " then my brother chimes in " we took him back to his family " my mom and I immediately start laughing hysterically while my dad looks down trying not to laugh. My mom looks at me and whispers " I can't believe he bought it all these years ". Then my brother gets mad " what?! You lied to me for 15 years! What happened to him? " she then stops laughing and says " I took him to the pound "