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Here's a website you might like (especially for those of you with my same blood disorder)


book peek -to make you laugh

This happened in the ER during the stroke  The main doctor kept doing sternum rubs on me, and I kept getting so annoyed. For those of you who don't know, sternum rubs are when they rub the bone in your chest with the palm of their hand. They do them to wake you up. Part of me knew what he was doing, and the other part of me didn't and thought he was trying to cop a feel. He kept doing the sternum rubs, and I kept smacking his hand and scoffing and saying to myself, “Dude! Enough, quit it!” Thinking back, he was probably as annoyed as I was for the misunderstanding.

fearless female

book sneak peak

My friend once asked me “What are your dreams?” Honestly, my dreams are probably stupid and mundane to you . I dream about pushing the elevator button myself, holding the TV remote in my hand and changing the channel by myself; no more having the freaking commands for them programmed into my Dynavox. I want to flip the bird to someone sometimes and not have somebody jokingly do it for me. Putting both of my arms around a friend or somebody and us equally squeezing each other chest to chest (Bet you never thought of a hug was so technically).   Standing up and dancing with my brother at each of our weddings. Okay, so neither of us is engaged, but it's going to happen someday! I dream of the day that me and my brother have kids to play together at Christmas like we did with our cousins when we were young. Truly talking to a friend on the phone is one of my biggest dreams. Slowly but surely, I'm accomplishing my dreams and it is amazing because I didn't know if it was s



my awesome weekend of gambling and surfing


2 Had a revelation today! I am a people pleaser to the core, I want to make people like me and I am constantly worried about what people think of me and I want to aspire to be where they are ( physically, monetarily, everything). We have to Forget about other people and just be the best you! Man they were right. With age comes wisdom. I wish I knew this when I was younge

video Some students from the University of Delaware made a video of my .life for their class!


So I am currently writing the second edition to my book (changing it some and updating it mostly). But this time I want to hire an editor and get a doctor or two to add some medical jargon. But these things cost money, do you have any fundraising ideas?


Had something cool happen the other day! I was about to get a shower, but before the shower they had to do something. So they left me in the bathroom by myself a few minutes with the heat lamp ( it's just a red light bulb). It puts this pretty glare on the wall, that I am always entranced with. I was just sitting there staring at the glare and thought " it's finally quiet it's my talk to God time". So I just asked God to help me not want things I don't have and to help me decide what to do about school and my family and marriage and babies. And I was just thinking " well my blog and Educating about bc makes me happy and you're right God that is the most important thing to me to put on my front burner and the other stuff don't worry about ". And just as I was having that confirmation the heat light glare I was looking at went out! I was like okay then that is the answer lol. 


I genuinely enjoy getting your opinions and feedback about things because you all let me learn how to educate people properly. Do you have any suggestions about my blog? 


 I am giving multiple speeches lately sharing my story and helping edit educate people about the possible  dangers of  birth control.  Thank you God sooo much for letting me stay here and share! 


Well my first day of Psychology class went good. It seems intense,  but not too intense. I am glad it is my only class this semester! But awesome news! My teacher wants me to give the class one of my speeches when we talk about perception! I will freak out about the 30 students in there later

my birthday ;party last night


I have some news,  I got diagnosed with another blood disorder.  Prothrombin 20210 (Factor II). I think the MTHFR a1298c  was either a misdiagnosis or a misunderstanding. But my stroke was definitely the combination of birth control, smoking, and my blood disorder