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fearless female

book sneak peak

My friend once asked me “What are your dreams?” Honestly, my dreams are probably stupid and mundane to you . I dream about pushing the elevator button myself, holding the TV remote in my hand and changing the channel by myself; no more having the freaking commands for them programmed into my Dynavox. I want to flip the bird to someone sometimes and not have somebody jokingly do it for me. Putting both of my arms around a friend or somebody and us equally squeezing each other chest to chest (Bet you never thought of a hug was so technically).   Standing up and dancing with my brother at each of our weddings. Okay, so neither of us is engaged, but it's going to happen someday! I dream of the day that me and my brother have kids to play together at Christmas like we did with our cousins when we were young. Truly talking to a friend on the phone is one of my biggest dreams. Slowly but surely, I'm accomplishing my dreams and it is amazing because I didn't know if it was s