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Birth Control Options 


So you know in my book and my speeches I suggest the copper IUD. Well got one in September and like it. I should give you all an update in 6 months instead of 2, but see I stayed safe and did non-hormonal. Spokesperson and client hahaha! 




I just read some articles about birth control education in schools and I am appalled. Only 13 states require medically correct sex education in schools, more girls than boys are educated about sex and contraception. Schools usually teach abstinence-only until marriage. That's how sex " should" be, but let's be honest teenagers aren't waiting these days. What is so wrong with correctly teaching about sex just in case. Type teach the Heimlich maneuver just in case.


My grandmother had a stroke yesterday, so to get my mind off it I do a speech here at 2 and tomorrow mornin lol. Cry about your life or work through it. I vote work through it, I cried enough yesterday


I think I just got a job lol. selling Meal replacement shakes, cleanse day kit, meal replacement bars, vitamins, adaptogens, probiotics and digestive enzymes, so many!! All to support optimal health, weight loss, increase energy & reduce stress


So I just read this article about a birth control matching game. You match the description to the bc. Anybody wanna play?



So these past couple weeks I have really aged. Mentally not physically. The stuff that bothered me before doesn't bother me anymore. It feels incredible! I have so much mental clarity, I only care truly about educating about birth control! Bc is my passion, and I got off that path for a while.