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Omg ! The activitys department here is planning a trip to Graceland (in Memphis) so thinking they wouldn't approve it I asked if we could go to Dollywood too. And they said yes! So next year about March I'm going to Dollywood and Graceland!

Me and my Mom at her birthday get together

Me and my nephew Johnathan! Ok really my friend's son but I'm fighting back the tears because it's the first time holding a baby with my arm since my stroke

Jennifer Nettles Ronnie Dunn - Let Him Fly - ACM Girls Night Out


Yesterday my Mom and I baked more cookies. Cooking anything is my favorite thing in the world! I want everybody to be full and  happy. It's just in my genes,my need to feed.

me and my brother Blake

Me,Mom,Blake and his girlfriend went to the zoo


Sometimes it's really hard to be around people that knew me before my stroke. Don't get me wrong I love being around everybody. But,its probably my own insecurity, I feel like they are judging me. Like my accomplishments aren't enough and for the past 8 years I've been something they have to deal with or just ignore. But it's probably me over thinking (which is common).