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Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy

LeAnn Rimes- What I Cannot Change

Sven and Michel Epic Tablecloth Magic Trick Fail!

Think Before You Play A Prank

holycrap moment

Today when I was doing the stand aid the pad that holds my butt fell for a minute and I stood there by myself for a minute! My arms weren't even doing it, all lower body! Thank-you stand up lift!


They constantly get onto me for not liking to drive my chair but, this might sound snobbish, I don't want to become placate with driving a chair. My ultimate goal is to walk and not be this my whole life!

Happy Turkey Day!

Chaddy wisdom teeth car ride

Chaddy wisdom teeth at home

P!nk - Try (Official Lyric Video)


If you get a chance go see the movie Flight .It is really good !!About half way through I seriously wanted to leave because I was so mad at the character . But it is really good .

LLS | Lady Antebellum 2012 PSA - 30 Seconds

quad girl standing tall

sleeping with prince Valuum

Ij finally have internet. Well Sandy was fun,not. We lost power here at MCC Monday night to Tuesday morning. I had very little sleep that night. I survived Sandy but I don't know if I can my MRI! I am so stressed about my MRI Friday morning, I am extremely claustrophobic and they have to give me Valuum before. Isnt that sad. Lol