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So I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with my eyeliner now. The problem was everybody was showing me them too close in the mirror and the magnified version was freaking me out.


So either she used a really good anaesthetic or I have a really high pain tolerance because that was nothing to me. The tattooed eyeliner is still growing on me.


Had another holycrap I didn't know I could do that moment this morning! I was lying down and my eye and nose started itching and I just reached up and itched them myself!

must see

So we (me,Mom,Granny, Aunt Chris and her sister Marsha) went to see Silver lining playbook and it was a really good movie. But something happened, I practiced my eye convergence during the movie and now they are staying practically fixed! It is freaking me and everyone out.

quad girl sitting by myself

quad girl typing

Official Video - The Script ft. - Hall Of Fame Lyrics HD

The look

I can't stand when people give me "the pity" look. The "O poor her" look. I'm sure it's not intentional or meant to be rude,but it is

quad girl twerkn

P!nk - True Love (Official Lyric Video)

christina perri + jason mraz sing "distance" backstage in dallas, tx

iPad Slap - Never disturb your brother...