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one giant leap

Guess what i did yesterday! Took a few steps by myself! I actually weight shifted,bent my knee and took a step. Didn't know I could do that! Although with all the stuff on me and people around me I'm surprised I could do it lol. Less stuff and more steps with time.

quad girl getting tattooed eyeliner

quad girl snow tubing


I almost cried today from happiness! Mom and I went to the Cheesecake Factory with one of my techs ( "my sister " ) and when we were done sis went to work and mom and I went to the mall next door. When we were walking past Gymboree and mom said "I love that store, when you or your brother have kids Im going to be in there constantly ". I wanted to cry. That's the first time in a long time she included me having kids too!

mind blower

So doing this book made me realize something incredible! I got both of my tattoos on the 17th, my stroke was on the 17th and I lost my virginity at 17. That is 4 unplanned things for me. 1+7=8 My favorite number is 2. 2x4=8! Hold on I need to sit down