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I can do this

To promote this blog and my bookI think it's best for me to start speaking at schools .I can totally do this but ever since my strstroke just being in front of big groups gives me ...anxiety

top 10


Well they finally reached a tie with my all-time high of trying to get my blood! Most people do 2 to 3 times and decide "O this is painful I'm going to stop and let somebody else try " but not this lady, she did 7. All in my hands which is the most painful area and causes the most bruises. Thank you lady for ruining my hands for at least a week!

surfing went great

I got in a fight with the wall


So if you read my blog you probably know I have a huge ridiculous fear of falling and sitting on the edge of things .And this fear of mine is hilarious to everyone especially my physical therapists.They always say "You go surfing and horseback riding and bungee jumping but put you on the pt mat table and you freak out and hyperventilate and jump "So today like other days I grudgingly got on the pt mat for them to time my sitting by myself balance .Last time I did 1 min 5 sec and today was ...3 min 25 sec !!

my fab shirts


My new favorite movie quote " Pray for me but above else pray for the cause " from The Patriot My other favorite is from Jerry Maguire " Well boo _n hoo"