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cover girl

 Guess what I did today! Put on my own make up while my OT held up my elbow for me. It was just powder but it's a start, my tattooed eyeliner is one less step for me to " learn " lol


I bought some really cute wedding shoes last night for my friend's wedding next month! Black and white pumps with a 3 inch heel  For the longest time after I got in the wheelchair I just assumed that it was not appropriate for me to dress cute or "sexy". But now and for the past like year I've seen some shows and videos of women in wheelchairs that dress cute and it has shown me that it's okay for me to bring back my sex appeal and dress cute

school days

 School started back last week. I have English and Math. OMG it has been so many years since I've had Math. You can put your finger up to slowly follow the problem, where I'm learning to remind myself to read everything more carefully. It's just another thing I have to get used to. The English is on campus while the Math is online. I don't think the students realize yet they can actually talk to me lol