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only me

So I love using my new phone! But I have a problem lol I bite my bottom lip to strain to write. Well its really chapped now but I can't stop. See I am biting my lip right now lol


Rejoined the world of 2018 and got a cell phone! I use a stylus pen for a pointer πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Its funny how the little things excite me!


Here Are 8 Warning Signs Of A Blood Clot That You Can’t Ignore

Blood Clots and Birth Control With Estrogen - Part 1


My stroke was 14 years ago yesterday : Its kind of ironic it was on a drinking holiday and my blog and book are color themed green I am proud to be alive, physically accomplishing more than expected, starting this blog and everything that goes with it, growing as a person... and I am excited what the future holds!

found some old pictures

 Blake, Mom., and me sitting on our porch eating dinner  me eating spaghetti  me holding Blake  Mom and Aunt Kristen holding me  me, Erin, and Sam at the Jr Prom  me  me cooking  me and Uncle Carl going to Austin Kristen wedding  me  me in Costa Rica

Like why?

Its like that line in Jaws about the mayor not doing anything until the shark bites him on the ass.  It feels like that

Dr. Lisa Talks Birth Control Options

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