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My compelling blood disorder

My blood disorder is Prothrombin 20210. That means it...

But let's digress and start from the beginning.

 When you are conceived you get 23 chromosomes from each parent. Within the chromosomes are genes (genotypes are kind of like genes too), within genes are alleles. 
Then you have homozygous and heterozygous alleles, homozygous means it’s from both parents and heterozygous is from one parent. 
For example, eye color’s an allele. My mom and dad have brown eyes, creating a homozygous allele, giving my brother brown eyes. 
My blood disorder is a genotype that is heterozygous, from one parent. Out of 1000 people with the disorder only 2 or 3 develop blood clots. (So in other words, I should buy a lottery ticket) 


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